What are you future career plans?

That what one of the proposed topics for our English exam’s essay this morning. The English of it all isn’t great, but I liked what I had to say, so I figured I would write it down here 🙂

A woman is killed by her partner or former partner every other day. This chilling number isn’t one from a far-away country, used to make us feel blessed to leave in France. No, this number is what is happening in France in 2019. This is why, when I decided to change fields, I chose midwifery : a profession in which I hope to bring about change for women, trans men and non-binary people. This decision is paving every choice I make as a midwife-to-be, including my future career plans. I want to work in places where I can make a difference. To achieve this goal, I plan on working part-time in a hospital. Indeed, I believe that the French healthcare model, though needing improvment, is a good one. I believe that every person should have access to the same level of care, regardless of their social or economical status. In French hospitals, this is what is happening (or at least what should be happening). So I would prefer working in a hospital over working in a private clinic.

With the rest of my time, I would like to do rotations at a Planned Parenthood center, to provide people with support and information regarding their bodies and their rights. In particular, I want to help maintain a good level of access to abortion by practising them when asked to.

Last but not least, I hope to have a private office for routine follow-ups and check-ups regarding sexual health, contraception, pregancy, sexually transmitted diseases and so on. I plan on making this practise as inclusive as possible, by not-gendering people first-hand, speaking sign language which I plan on learning, having a wheelchair-accessible office, and anything else I can do!

As I said, this essay isn’t perfect, there are aspects important to me that I didn’t mention, but I thought it worth sharing 🙂

Une réflexion sur “What are you future career plans?

  1. fedoap dit :

    bon courage dans l’apprentissage de la langue des signes ; je pense que c’est un superbe engagement ! et je veux bien t’y encourager si tu en ressens le besoin 🙂

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